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London 2012 Olympics –  

Temporary Jumbo Stud Partition to segregate Boxing and Fencing 


PJS Solutions Limited was asked to build a huge temporary jumbo stud partition wall for the London 2012 Olympics in the ExCel Exhibition Centre, Docklands London to segregate the Fencing from the Boxing


The wall was 88m long x 10.2m (approx 900m2) high which required a 1 hour fire rating. The system used was PJS Solution’s F60S Partition, our flagship fire wall partition system for walls up to 17m high 


The owners of the ExCel Exhibition Centre said we were NOT to make any holes in the exhibition halls what so ever!! 






Through extensive design and preparation works we were able to achieve installing the partition without making one single hole!! 


We built the wall in June in 7 days flat which included painting the wall with 2 coats of white emulsion!  


To construct this wall we had 14 workers for most of the 7 days. 


Material deliveries on the first day: 

·         1 x lorry load of 200mm wide metal stud “C” sections & 204mm deep channel. 

·         1 x 26 tonne articulated lorry load of 12.5mm Fermacell board.  

·         1 x articulated lorry load of RS45 75mm Knauf Rock Universal Slab. 


Suppliers were CCF Ltd (Christchurch) & BW Industries Ltd (Yorkshire) 


The build programme for the temporary wall was set 1 week before any other contractors started so we had the halls to ourselves, so it was quiet but the pressure was most definitely on. 


Build Sequence: 


1.      First morning James of PJS Solutions received the deliveries and inducted 14 x PJS Solution operatives 

2.      The 204mm x 70mm floor channels (10m lengths) were locked into specially designed metal floor shoes which in turn were placed into the 92 wheel slots in the run of the partition. 

3.      The head of the partition was specially designed to fit around the existing “sliding Excel panel wall” head section incorporating machined timbers which slotted either side. The partition head channel was fixed up through into the timbers. 

4.      The 200mm by 10.200m long 70mm deep studs were hoisted into the partition one at a time and fixed at the top for H&S reasons. 

5.      12.5mm square edge Fermacell boards were laser levelled in and screw fixed to the metal studs using Fermacell joint stick on all board perimeters. 

6.      RS45 75mm Knauf Rock Universal Slab was installed in the void. 

7.      Once the Fermacell boarding had been completed Fermacell fine Surface treatment was applied to the Fermacell boards ready for decoration. 

8.      To apply the 2 x coats of emulsion we used 2 industrial paint sprayers. 


Taking Down: 


In September just after the Paralympics games were over we were given 4 days to take the wall down and recycled every last piece;  

·         26 tonnes of Fermacell recycled by Arrow Gypsum Recycling,  

·         6.5 tonnes of steel  

·         1,200 pieces of insulation.  



We left the Exhibition Halls as we found them; spotless.  


Overall the project experience was very good and PJS Solutions are proud to be part of the London 2012 Olympics Build. 


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Contact James Stride 07896 251973 or email